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Analytic Geometry & Calculus 1

It's going to take some time to upload all of the content I've created and that I'd like to create for my students and interested others. Check back soon. 

Reference Sheets

This course is about mastering fundamental skills and concepts, as it is the first in a sequence that leads to Differential Equations. With that in mind, formula sheets are not provided for most sections in our course. You're asked to learn the differentiation and antidifferentiation rules, and how and when to apply them. I design the course with some scaffolding, so that you're not required to learn all of them at once. Instead, you learn a few new rules at a time. Knowing these rules makes everything easier. We wouldn't want to compute derivatives using the limit definition or compute integrals using the limits of Riemann sums. The discovery of these efficient, elegant rules, and the Fundamental Theorem, are two small parts of the beauty of calculus. 

Please download the differentiation and antidifferentiation reference sheets below, and create flash cards if you need to in order to commit them to memory. You won't need to get started on this until the appropriate unit, although you can work ahead if you'd like to. We'll talk more about their derivations in class, so that you won't simply depend on rote memorization. Our goal is for you to understand the rules, where they come from, how to apply them, and what they mean, geometrically and in applications. These are ultimately tools that will make the real work of calculus easier.

Reference Sheets for other topics, such as the Limits Summary Infographic and Riemann Sums Defined are provided for quick reference.

Unit 2 - Differentiation - The Lessons

Files coming soon.

Unit 2 - Differentiation - Active Learning

Files coming soon.

Unit 3 - Applications of Differentiation - The Lessons

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Unit 3 - Applications of Differentiation - Active Learning

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Unit 4 - Antidifferentiation & Integration - The Lessons

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Unit 4 - Antidifferentiation & Integration - Active Learning

Files coming soon.

Analytic Geometry & Calculus I (YouTube Playlist)

This playlist is incomplete, as I started creating these videos for my students due to the transition to remote instruction due to COVID-19. The videos begin with the extreme value theorem and include content through the end of the course. Some videos will be remade (I was sick at one point, and needed to get the videos out for my students anyway). 

These are the available Calculus I videos for now.

Spring 2020 Quiz and Final Exam Keys

Due to COVID-19, this semester did not go as any of us had planned. Here are the quiz keys for the current semester. The remaining quizzes and reassessments were taken online and administered through WebAssign, due to the pandemic.

Fall 2018 Quiz Keys

These are the quiz keys from the Fall 2018 semester. During that semester, standard I31, hyperbolic functions, was not a part of the course.  For Spring 2020, hyperbolic functions has been moved from Calculus II to Calculus I, and the area between two curves has been moved from Calculus I to Calculus II.