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Ordinary Differential Equations - Course Information

This section includes recent syllabi, the SBG course standards and grading rubric from the most recent semester, and advice for DE students from former DE students.

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Ordinary Differential Equations

It's going to take some time to post all of the content I've created and that content that I hope to create for my students and interested others. Check back soon.

Unit 1 - Introduction and First Order DEs - The Lessons

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Unit 1 - First Order DEs - Worked Examples

These are worked examples with full-solutions of first order ODEs and IVPs featuring first order ODEs. An outline of the steps is often listed in the right side of the PDF. That way, if you forget the method, the right side bar provides an outline of the method for you.

Unit 2 - Higher Order DEs - The Lessons

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Unit 3 - The Laplace Transformation - The Lessons

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Unit 3 - The Laplace Transformation - Worked Examples

There is wide variety of exercises and problems that can be solved using the Laplace transformation and the inverse Laplace transformation. The full solutions of the example problems from class are linked here.

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Fall 2019 Quiz Keys

In my face-to-face DE course, I use standards based grading, a mastery-based assessment and teaching system. One of the characteristics of SBG is that students are assessed over approximately 30 individual standards in 6-10 quizzes per semester rather than unit exams. My online DE course covers exactly the same content, but is assessed in unit exams rather than quizzes.

I provide my students will quiz keys from recent semesters to help my students see what A work looks like, and to get familiar with the format of the quizzes. The quizzes change a bit from semester to semester, but the format stays about the same. The quizzes from the Fall 2019 semester are linked below, and provide an additional example for each method we cover in our course.