Assistant Professor of Mathematics Tulsa Community College

Activities and Presentations for Student Audiences

The Paradoxes presentation was shared at ORU for Sonia Kovalevsky Day, and then revised and used again for Sonia K. Day in 2017.

The M&M activity is something I've done annually (except for 2019) at the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance's STEM Exploratorium. That's for children of all ages, and the problem can be explored with varying levels of physical and mathematical background. At an elementary level, it's about volume and division. On a higher level, it's a packing problem. Something also has to account for the error introduced by the use of the irregular peanut, rather than plain, M&Ms. Due to allergies, I let the students guess for a jar of plain M&Ms too.

The vortex dynamics presentation was presented in Spring 2019 at a TCC Science Seminar. My audience included local high school students and TCC students. It's a very simple presentation, discussing vortices in general, the equations for point vortices in the plane, and the nature of the problem I'm working on. It focused more on the big picture, and less on the details of polynomial solutions of differential equations or algebraic geometry that are  related to my work. There are a lot of cool gifs and links in the presentation for those who are new to the problem, and want to think about how it might work.

Presentations for My Colleagues

I first presented on Standards Based Grading at the OK/AR Mathematical Association of America meeting in April 2018. 

I modified and reused the presentation for the 2019 Oklahoma Association of Community Colleges (OACC) conference, and the 2019 Stayonference.